Networking Projects

Networking is an enriching experience – it is a challenge but it is rewarding.  One of the aims of the World Confederation of Past Pupils of Don Bosco is to promote the networking of projects on a world, regional, and national level.  The Maltese National Federation has been active in promoting networking projects both on a European and National level.

Creating networks is a form of building unity within an organisation, it is a way of learning from each other, and it consolidates the experiences of the different sectors and cultures.  Networking is a way of showing support and assistance to each other both from an organisational level and also on a personal level.  In this section, you will find some of the networking projects which the Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco in Malta have either led or participated in.

DI BOSCO - Coffee with Value
Our coffee comes directly from farmers – from their families, from their fields – the daily work of their hands. The uniqueness of this project is not only based on the quality of the coffee itself, but also on the quality of the people we work with.
Erasmus+ Mentor Power
Most young people grow up without having a formal mentor and this role is fulfilled informally through family members, a family friend, a teacher or a neighbour. Some young people, especially those with fewer opportunities especially those who are homeless...
Youth Inclusion
Youth Inclusion: Education, Employment and Empowerment. Youth in Europe were badly hit by the recent economic crisis. The effects are still being felt with high unemployment, rising poverty rates and with a significant share of vulnerable youth achieving low attainment grades ...
Syrian refugee project
The World Confederation of Past Pupils of Don Bosco, together with the Middle East Province organised a special Salesian Youth Camp for Syrian Refugees who attended the Salesian Presences in Syria especially in Aleppo and Damacus.
Every Child Deserves a Chance – Helping Poor Burundi Children
As part of the Salesian Family, the Maltese Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco have launched a new project to support poor Burundi Children. The project aims at giving “Every Child A Chance”.