Di Bosco - Coffee with Value

Di Bosco Coffee


Our coffee comes directly from farmers – from their families, from their fields – the daily work of their hands. The uniqueness of this project is not only based on the quality of the coffee itself, but also on the quality of the people we work with.


DI BOSCO coffee connects coffee farmers with customers who embrace the values of the Salesian Family.  In our project, we promote a strong sense of social conscience by employing and training young people in need and contributing part of our income to Salesian Projects.


Our aim is not only to offer a good cup of coffee, but also to promote fairness, equity and social justice. That is why we strive to improve the conditions of farmers and coffee producers.

The quality of our coffee comes from the care we show from the moment when the seeds are planted in the fields to the pouring of coffee into a cup – from crop to cup.

Who we are?

DI BOSCO project developed from international cooperation between Past Pupils of Don Bosco and their desire not only to make a good coffee, but also to do good for all who love coffee. 

We try to connect coffee farmers and customers who share the common values of the Salesian Family and have an ambition to work with good quality and fresh coffee.  

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