Every Child Deserves a Chance – Helping Poor Burundi Children

Every Child Deserves a Chance - Helping Poor Burundi Children

As part of the Salesian Family, the Maltese Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco have launched a new project to support poor Burundi Children.  The project aims at giving “Every Child A Chance”.  We are fundraising this year for these poor and young children who need our help to survive.  The poverty in this country is extreme.

The Burundi Salesian Past Pupils are providing education and care to poor marginalized orphans. The orphans are 5 to 7 years old and are unable to afford primary education. They care for 39 orphans and they need to pay for food, hygiene, all the needs for their schooling, and provide them with after school activities. Each child needs €250.00 euro per year to meet their basic needs. Please support in any way you can our Salesian work.

We are seeking your help to sponsor these orphaned children and give them the opportunity to embark on a better life. You can help them too, by donating to this worthy cause.

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