About Friends of Don Bosco

The Friends of Don Bosco include individuals who attended an oratory, school, or involved in another Salesian organisation. These individuals have acquired life skills rooted in Don Bosco’s preventive approach, which emphasises on reason, religion, and loving-kindness. Influenced by Christian teachings and Don Bosco’s unique charisma, these friends embody their apostolic commitment in their daily lives. Guided by the Salesian educational philosophy, their goal is to lead a life marked by integrity and genuine faith. The organisation is dedicated to fostering the development of individuals to become “the salt of the earth and the light of the world”.

The mission of the Friends of Don Bosco is to proactively address the educational and social needs of young people in light of the challenges that they face in social realities today. The organisation aims to engage in various social, cultural, and educational initiatives that empower young individuals to develop into upright citizens and firm believers. 

The National Federation of  Past Pupils of Don Bosco in Malta was formally established on December 8, 1966, with the adoption of its first statute written by Dr. Joseph Pace LL.D. The Maltese National Federation was established on December 8, 1966, and officially registered as a non-profit organisation on June 30, 2016. Furthermore, the Friends of Don Bosco Malta is affiliated with the World Confederation of Past Pupils of Don Bosco, an integral part of the broader Salesian Family.