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Friends of Don Bosco has established and oversees the MentorPower Programme, a venture dedicated to offering mentorship to youth experiencing homelessness or lacking support from their family and relatives. This initiative empowers vulnerable young individuals to discover their potential, comprehend their environment, and pursue paths leading to greater success and stability. Research suggests that mentorship programs contribute significantly to positive behavioural changes, serving as effective instruments for nurturing youth development, fostering social integration, and enhancing personal outcomes. Mentors play a pivotal role in guiding these youths toward self-sufficiency and autonomous living within the community.


Friends of Don Bosco MentorPower Programme

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring entails a constructive interaction between youth workers and adolescents, with the goal of shepherding them through the journey to adulthood. Mentors extend guidance, support, and encouragement to assist youths in navigating life’s challenges. They serve as exemplary figures and offer a sense of constancy and assurance in the youths’ lives. Mentors help these individuals in accessing resources, establishing connections, and honing the skills and confidence necessary for success. 

MentorPower training programme was designed to provide volunteers with the necessary training to embark on mentoring projects. This training programme was formulated in 2019 through the Erasmus+ EU Funded Programme. Since then, the organisation has expanded its services for young people who are homeless or lack the support of a family, and therefore requires the training and recruitment of new volunteers. Since last year, together with the Malta Trust Foundation, the organisation is offering mentoring service through volunteers to young persons who are seeking employment. The training programme aims at providing knowledge, support and monitoring to volunteers and youth workers to have the right skills and attitudes to support and guide young vulnerable people. Mentoring young people with fewer opportunities is a means to foster inclusion of young people at risk of marginalisation.

Friends of Don Bosco MentorPower Programme

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