In line with our Statute Article 18 (a), the Council of National Federation of Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco wishes to formally announce that the six-year term of this Council comes to an end in November 2020 and the elections to the Council will be held on the  if there are more than 7 members who seek election as members to the Council.  In accordance to the Statute, once the members of the Council are elected, it is the Council who elects the official positions within the National Council as stated in Article 18(b). The members to Council are elected by a simple majority and will hold office for a term of six years.

Nominations are now open for anyone who wishes to become a member on the National Council.  As established in the Statute, all nominations must be approved by the Provincial.  To facilitate the process, we are adopting a similar procedure used by the World Confederation whereby a nomination needs to be endorsed by either the National President or a Local President and the National Delegate or a Local Delegate and presented to the Provincial.   Persons who wish to apply for the elections are to write a motivation letter and send it to Nominations will be open until Sunday 25th October 2020 at noon.

Article 18(a) state that the right to vote in the election for the members of the Council are: –

  • The Provincial or the Provincial Delegate
  • The National Delegate
  • The National President
  • The President of the Local Groups
  • A Leader-Representative of established informal groups

It is important that to be in line with the Statute, the local groups and any informal groups are registered with the National Federation and have updated their payment of membership as stated in article 5 of the Statute.

For those who wish to access the Statute of the National Federation this is available on our new official website:  If you have any query or clarification, please contact us on

Bryan Magro

National President