Continuing Don Bosco’s Work for Young People in the Missions

In October we mark the work of Missions which offers hope to many poor and vulnerable people living in developing countries. Many of these mission works are in remote areas devastated by war, natural disasters, and intense poverty. Knowing that the worldwide Church is thinking of them through prayer and financial support brings solidarity, hope, encouragement, and assistance to these vulnerable people.

Donations toward the missions help communities build schools, clinics, parish halls and churches. It alleviates poverty and contributes to social justice among people most in need.  Hope is given to people who have few resources. Worryingly the pandemic this year brought about more hardship to mission work.

As part of the Salesian Family, the Maltese Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco have launched a new project to support poor Burundi Children.  The project aims at giving “Every Child A Chance”.  We are fundraising this year for these poor and young children who need our help to survive.  The poverty in this country is extreme.  Each child needs €250.00 euro per year to meet their basic needs. Please support in any way you can our Salesian work. Cheques can be payable to Nat. Fed. Past Pupils of Don Bosco and posted to 10, St. John Bosco Street, Sliema or donate directly through our website on

We are seeking your help to sponsor these orphaned children and give them the opportunity to embark on a better life. You can help them too, by donating to this worthy cause.

Every Child Deserves a Chance – Helping Poor Burundi Children
Every Child Deserves a Chance – Helping Poor Burundi Children